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When my daughter had her first birthday I was confused as to why nobody was ringing my doorbell with a trophy or a dozen roses. Hello, people! I just kept a human alive for an entire year with no guidebook beyond my own mom’s wisdom, my girlfriends’ supportive text messages, and random Instagram mamas who I found during 2am pumping sessions. Year One of motherhood was the most amazing and challenging and painful and confusing year of my life that nobody prepared me for. For example, I got mastitis early on (Google it… I had to) and had no idea what a milk duct even looked like or why I was in so much pain. There were so many moments where I felt alone and scared and needed a community of mamas to validate my experiences and cheer me on. But man, getting out of the house is hard. My life was tied to feeding schedules and (lack of) nap schedules, and when those weren’t happening the chance of showering and putting on non-sweatpants just didn’t feel realistic. Then enter COVID and gathering was completely off the table. 

Everyone tells you that you need to take care of yourself when you become a mom, but nobody tells you exactly how to do this. How to juggle taking care of a tiny human, your home, your career, your friendships, your marriage, your pets, and yourself. 

My hope is that our group can give you some care, resources, and hopefully humor during those first few months of motherhood. We will meet virtually so you can literally come as you are. If that means in a t-shirt from last week or a babe on your boob, no worries. We get it.

What this group is:

  • A place to process experiences and connect to other moms.
  • Guided conversations around relevant issues to being a new mother.
  • A place to learn about mental health as you transition into postpartum life.

Who I am:

  • A mama of a one.
  • A social worker.
  • A therapist who specializes in relationships, trauma, and attachment.
  • A woman who knows that moms need a community.

Who I am not:

  • A doctor
  • A lactation consultant
  • A sleep expert
  • An expert on mothering


Tuesdays // 10:30-11:30 a.m.
See upcoming dates below.


Virtually //




New mamas, specifically those in the “Fourth Trimester.” Group is limited to 6 participants.


Upcoming Groups

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