How long are sessions?
Individual sessions are 50 minutes long unless you and I decide a longer session is more appropriate. Often couples and families appreciate a longer session.

What happens in therapy? 
I am a believer that therapy should be a safe place to work on your goals. I want you to feel comfortable talking about whatever you need to in session and to not feel like there is an agenda. With that being said, I respect your time and money and will hold you accountable to working on the goals that you set. I use various types of therapy and will discuss my approach with you so that you always feel comfortable and in the loop. My hope is that you feel comfortable with me and like you really know who I am and that creates safety for risk taking and change. Therapy is your space and I will always honor that.

Will anybody know I am in therapy? 
Only if you choose to tell them. I will never break confidentiality unless you specifically sign a Release of Information saying I can talk to people in your life. This is generally used for continuity of care (ie: if you are working individually with me but would like me to talk to the therapist you are seeing for couples sessions).

Do you accept insurance? 
I am not currently working with any insurance panels. However, I can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your provider for possible reimbursement. I do accept Victim’s Compensation.

How can I pay for sessions? 
I accept credit cards, checks, and cash. Payment is due at the time of services.

What is your cancellation policy?
I require 24 hours notice if you cannot attend session. If you do not provide notice you will be charged for your scheduled time.

Why did you become a therapist? 
Because it worked for me and for people I love. I strongly believe that everybody’s story deserves a place to be shared and that we are all capable of change and healing. I also believe in the power of relationships and make it my life mission to help my clients create and maintain healthy and meaningful families, marriages, and relationships.

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